Many of the cleaning recipes call for a few drops of essential oils. These need to be treated with respect and you should understand a bit about them.

essential oil bottlesFirst, make sure you are buying real essential oils and not synthetic ones. They are costly by the ounce but you use very little at a time. The bottles should be dark and most have a built in dropper to help you get just the right amount. Most bottles will be labeled with cautions along the following:

  • Do not use internally. They are for external use only.
  • Dispense by the drop.
  • Never use undiluted.
  • Be careful where you store them and keep them away from children.
  • Keep away from your eyes.
  • Always wash your hands after using.

Essential Oils in the Bath&

One of the more common ways to use essential oils is in the bath. You should add the few drops after the tub has filled, then mix them into the water. Alternately, you can add to sea salt and make your own bath salts.